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In a few hours I'll boarding a plane to Buenos Aires. I'm going for a seminar and I won't be back till next monday. I won't be checking LJ so if I miss anything or you need me, please send me a mail. I hope you all have a wonderful week ^_^

Book Review:

The Restaurant at the End of the Universe (Hitchhiker's Guide, #2) The Restaurant at the End of the Universe by Douglas Adams

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
I didn't enjoy this book as much as the first. The narrative is witty and I liked seeing the characters again but the plot wasn't as deep as I would have liked and there were parts where the humor seemed a bit strained for me. Since this is a part of a series it might be because it's a transition book. I'll have to wait and see when I read the next ones. What I really liked was the last bit of the book that introduces a new twist to the story which I thought fit perfectly in the universe the book has created.

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