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Dec. 8th, 2006 03:07 am
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Rating: PG
Pairing: Trowa/Quatre, background Heero/Duo
Warnings: AU. Fusion (mostly) with the movie City of Angels. Quatre's POV
Summary: An angel and a human… it's happened before.

Notes: Written for [ profile] stagesoflove. For the five senses theme set.

Thanks to Anne for the beta.

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Any given day

Fandom: Prince of Tennis
Rating: G
Pairing: Tezuka/Fuji
Summary: Written for [ profile] stagesoflove: times of day theme set.

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Dec. 4th, 2006 12:02 am
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- Again I was a bad girl and posted one of my stages late *hangs head in shame* But at least it's posted now. So you can read the next part of Fallen if you want. The next part of Any given day is up too but that one I did manage to get in in time.

- I decided to turn down the Literature Masters even without knowing about the Creative Writing one. Now all that's left is waiting.

- I was wondering about how to post your Christmas drabbles/icons. I thought about posting them all on dec 24/25 but since I don't have a writing LJ that would be a lot of spam on your f-list. So, would you rather I post stuff bit by bit during December instead of all in one go? I'll be the same amount of spam, just over a longer period of time. Or would you rather wait for Christmas?

- And last, if you haven't made a request for a Christmas drabble or icon, please, pretty please do so. *looks at some people who haven't* Please?


Nov. 25th, 2006 09:09 pm
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The topic of Today's post is Misanagi being late for lost of stuff.

First of all, Happy belated Birthday, [ profile] phoenikoi! I made you an icon.

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And another Happy belated Birthday to [ profile] okaasan59! I made you the Wufei icon. I hope that you like it.

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- I've been tagged to do the OTP song meme thingy but I need to think a bit more about it, especially since I don't have an OTP *glares at Trowa and Quatre* I don't!

- Another thing I was late for was posting the [ profile] stagesoflove stages. I hope being a day late is not so bad. Anyway, you can now read the next part of Any given day (Tezuka/Fuji ) and the next part of Fallen ( 3x4 *cough*not an OTP *cough*).

- And last, but not least (or late), if you haven't made a request in my Christmas gift post, please do so. I really want to do something nice for you, so please make a request, please?

Oh, and also, some of you have been asking if I have a Christmas wish list or if I would like anything. Thing is, I'm Jewish and I don't celebrate Christmas, so really, there's no need for you to give me anything. Just make requests on the post. That will make me happy ^_^
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] alleyprowler! I hope you had a good day. I made you an icon.

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There's a [ profile] pervy_potluck event tomorrow! You should all go because it rocks!

Saturday, November 18!!!
4 ET / 3 CT / 2 MT / 1 PT
time converter!


I posted the stages for this week. You can read the next part of Fallen (3x4) and of Any given day (TezuFuji). Hope you enjoy and have a good night ^_^
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] arabiana! I hope you had a good day. I made you an icon.

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I posted the [ profile] stagesoflove first um... stages. Hee. Anyway, the 3x4 is called Fallen and the Tezuka/Fuji is Any given day.


I did the comment meme thingy...

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Rating: NC17 overall
Pairing: 3x4
Warnings: Angst.
Summary: About decisions, right and wrong, and the path they build.

Notes: Written for [ profile] stagesoflove: Seven Deadly Sins.

Thanks a lot to Anne for the beta.

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So, lately I've been slowly poking my toe in the PoT fandom. Not actively, not much, anyway. I've been lurking happily and the day before yesterday I posted the spanking ficlet from [ profile] pervy_potluck in [ profile] tezukafuji. It was well received... I got 10 replies in 3 hours. Wow. That's a lot more than I'm used to.

Anyway, the other day [ profile] sonkikyo posted some recs, and I read the stuff that interested me, and now I want more (because I'm greedy like that). So, I'm asking the PoT people on my list to give me recs? point me in the direction of some archives I can browse maybe? I've found the LJ comms but I was wondering if there are websites I can browse other than

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So, help? please?

Now, for the more usual GW news *grins* I posted the next part of Saligiare, Ira, on [ profile] stagesoflove. One more part to go...
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I changed my LJ layout. Go and see ^_^

[ profile] misanagi

Also, I never linked to last week's part of Saligiare, Gula. It's up at [ profile] stagesoflove

And don't forget...

[ profile] pervy_potluck Event!

Saturday, June 17, 2006
2 pm Colombia, 7 am NZ (Sunday, June 18), 10 pm London and 7 pm Zulu

Hope to see you there!

I'll get some sleep now *hugs f-list*
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Gifts of War

Rating: PG
Pairing: Gen
Summary: Written for [ profile] stagesoflove, the Five Loves of Heero Yuy's life.
Wordcount: 500

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Happy Birthday, [ profile] riverdoe! I made you an icon.

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[ profile] razberrycreme made another wonderful pic for the cow/tree stages of love. You can find Adaptation here.

And last, I posted the fourth part of Gifts of War (Heero's five loves) in [ profile] stagesoflove. Just one to go.

That's it for now. Have a great day everyone *hugs*
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The next part of Saligiare, Invidia, is up at [ profile] stagesoflove

Icon made by [ profile] razberrycreme. It isn't really true, I can too say no. No. See?
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] unhealed_scars! Here, I made you an icon.

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[ profile] pervy_potluck Event!

Saturday, June 17, 2006
2 pm Colombia, 7 am NZ (Sunday, June 18), 10 pm London and 7 pm Zulu

This event is for everyone who likes to read or write pr0n. Come, have fun, chat, and read pervy stuff. It last for long, usually, so it's ok if you come a bit late. It'll be fun!
(Time zones courtesy of The time zone converter)

And I forgot to post the link to the third part of Gifts of War, which is up in [ profile] stagesoflove

Have a great day, everyone!
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[ profile] zerotwofan's Moments of Rapture contest is closed, and the entries are up.

There are a lot of fics there. I just started reading, there's just so much. I was thinking about what some people say, about being able to guess the writer. I don't think I'm so good at that. Granted, I just started reading but I have no idea who could have written the story. Maybe some people pick up the subtle signals more easily.

Anyway, go read and vote!

Also, I posted the third part of Saligiare, Lujuria, in [ profile] stagesoflove, although with all the new wonderful fics in MoR I'm not sure people will have the time to read it ^^;;

Have a great day, everyone!
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] meritjubet! I'm sorry I'm late but you cheated and erased your birthday. I made you an icon to go with your Last Exile box set. I hope that you like it.

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Also, I posted the second part of Gifts of War (Heero's five loves) in [ profile] stagesoflove.
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I made some more Ouran High School Host icons. Feel free to take any you like.

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All public icons

I posted the next part of Saligiare, Avaritia, in [ profile] stagesoflove. This is Quatre/Trowa, Seven deadly sins.

Some people have asked me what Saligiare means. It's a Latin verb, literally meaning to commit a deadly sin. It comes from "saligia" which is a Latin acronym for the seven sins: superbia, avaritia, lujuria, invidia, gula, ira and acadia (pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, anger and sloth).

Yeah, I'm geeky that way ^^;;
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A Cow's Tale

Rating: Hmm… R?
Pairing: Cow/Tree
Warnings: Umm… look at the pairing
Notes: Based on [ profile] stagesoflove. Five stages of change.

This is [ profile] razberrycreme's fault. She made me do it. Completely her fault. I'm innocent. Yep, innocent!

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Also, [ profile] razberrycreme was great and made me a gift. It's so cute. Go see.

Oh, I almost forgot, go an participate in the Have a Cow Non-Contest. If I drew a cow then you all should. *nodnod*
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Happy Birthday, [ profile] youkai_tsuki1! I noticed that you didn't have a Quatre icon, and everyone should have one, so I made this for you.

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So, I posted the fist stages of my claims on [ profile] stagesoflove. Saligiare is a Trowa/Quatre one for the seven deadly sins, and Gifts of War, five loves of Heero's life (despite the name, this is a gen/friendship series of drabbles).

There will be another set posted here on my LJ... probably not what you expect, at all.
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Happy birthday, [ profile] foxtrick! I made you an icon.

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I was bribed. [ profile] lil_1337 and [ profile] darthanne made me an offer I coudn't refuse, and since I have no will, I signed in for [ profile] stagesoflove. I'm writing the seven deadly sins for Trowa and Quatre and Five loves for Heero. I keep thinking I want to do another but I don't know what. Maybe I'm just crazy...

Happy Saturday everyone. ^_^
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Blame Fate

Rating: PG13
Pairing: 1x4
Summary: Written for [ profile] stagesoflove: Exploration of the relationship through the five senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste).
Word count: 505 (100 for each segment)

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