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50 Sentences
By Misanagi

Fandom: Gundam Wing
Pairing: Duo Maxwell and Quatre Winner (friendship)
Theme set: Alpha
Rating: PG 13
Notes: These sentences are all part of the same universe. They are snapshots in the lives of the boys and don't follow a chronological order.

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49. Hair

When Duo moved from Quatre's to Heero's place, Quatre gave Heero a big roll of duct tape and told him that he would need it; Heero thought the gift was unusual but not a week later – when he found himself using the tape to try to get Duo's hairs off his clothes, couch and sheets – he understood Quatre's words, and felt honored because he knew that something as seemingly meaningless as giving up the duct tape, showed how much Quatre trusted him with his best friend.
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48. Waves

If there was something Quatre never got tired of watching it was the ocean, the vast expanse of water, so large that – no matter how many times he'd seen it – he found difficult to believe it existed; Duo had once told him that he'd felt the same until the day he sat on the beach and was visited by the waves… while the ocean was too big to comprehend, the waves, dying on the beach, were the only proof Duo needed of the ocean's existence.
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47. Moon

Duo was grateful that his first kiss with Heero had been under a moonless sky, and after much prodding, he got Quatre to confess that his first time with Trowa had been under a half moon; while Duo was glad that the moon hadn't been present as a reminder of the time at the moon base, Quatre liked the possibility of finally being able to think of the moon just a figure on the sky again, if only for a moment.


I made 3 more icons since [livejournal.com profile] zerotwofan wanted a Heero, Trowa and Quatre pilot icon to complete the set. (Again, these were made using [livejournal.com profile] kali_sama's screencaps)

Feel free to take if you like.

You can find Duo and Wufei's ones in my last post.
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For [livejournal.com profile] lil_1337, you know why...

46. Sun

He needed to find himself, that's what he said, he needed to be with Catherine, see what a sister was, find out what family meant, he needed some time but it didn't mean that he didn't need me, he would always need me, and he would be back, when he didn't need so many things, and instead had things to give; the words rushed out of Quatre in one breath, Duo sat beside him, and silently, they watched the sun make its journey, and only walked back into the house under the cover of darkness.
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45. Hell

When Quatre had first told Duo that he used to be a brat, Duo hadn't believed him, but as time went by, Duo could see the brat now and then, specially when Quatre got that look on his face, and more than ever, he wished that they had met as kids… they would have raised hell together.

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44. Heaven

Duo would never admit, not even to himself, that the reason why he often dragged Quatre away from work to have some fun was because, after what they had done, he didn't believe that they would go to heaven; life was probably all the happiness they would get, and Duo wouldn't let his best friend throw that away.
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43. Sky

Someone who had never gone to the colonies once asked Duo and Quatre how did it feel to live above the sky; with a grin, Duo had replied that it would be cooler if they could actually look down, and later that night, after watching the firmament for a while, Quatre whispered that the sky wasn't really above or below the colonies, but the space that connected them to the Earth.
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42. Clouds

To Quatre they looked like a small dog chasing a beach ball while to Duo, they looked like a giant apple squishing a tank; they were clouds, of course, real Earth clouds – beautiful, natural and unpredictable – and no matter what their environmental purpose was, to Quatre and Duo they would always be substance for the imagination.


A couple of days ago, [livejournal.com profile] kali_sama posted a lot of screencaps from episodes 1 and 2 of GW. I used some of those to make some icons. Feel free to take if you like. ^_^

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41. Completion

Quatre never felt any enthusiasm after finishing a business transaction since as soon as he closed a folder he had to open another one, a new project just as important as the last or the next; weirdly enough, he got his sense of completion by beating Duo at monopoly and bankrupting the bank… somehow, fake money made the victory seem more real.

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Merith asked me to make them happy again...

40. Innocence

Quatre kept biting his lower lip and looking at Trowa from behind his eyelashes, while Duo was giving Heero his sweetest grin and holding the end of his braid; they were the picture of innocence: cute and harmless boys who deserved a plate of cookies… so with the dread of someone who really doesn't want to know the answer, Heero and Trowa armed themselves with bravery and asked, "what did you two do now?"

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39. Smile

Duo and Quatre always smiled when things were going downhill, it was a natural reaction to keep that smile – as fake as it might be – even when they felt nothing but sorrow… it was tiring, and sometimes they wished they could break away from the habit and allow themselves to rest, but they knew that if they didn't smile then no one else would, and that was something they couldn't bear.
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38. Gift

Quatre never bought Duo a gift that he knew Duo himself couldn't afford; Duo wouldn't appreciate it and the purpose of a gift was to make someone happy… besides, Duo had weird tastes, and for some reason, the things he truly liked were never expensive, just hard to find.
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37. Technology

When something broke in Quatre's office at WEI, he always insisted on fixing it himself - be it the computer, the vid phone, the elevator or his secretary's glasses – it was a way for him to clear his head and remember that there were other things he was capable of doing besides signing papers; that's why, every now and then, Duo would sneak in and unscrew a chair here or mix a few cables there, just so Quatre would have something to fix in the morning.

I'm not really sure this actually fits "technology" but it's what came out… oh well…
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36. Market

The first time Duo had gone with Quatre to the Arabian market and watched him haggle with the vendors – speaking too fast for Duo to catch all the words – he had been angry at how much Quatre fought to save a few credits when he certainly didn't need them; it was another vendor, standing close, who explained to Duo that the haggle wasn't about the money, but about dance: it was a contest of wit, strategy and perseverance, and it was beautiful to watch.

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35. Bonds

Letting a wide smirk spread on his face, Duo lifted the handcuffs with his middle finger and showed them to Quatre; there was no need for words, the deep flush in Quatre's cheeks and the way he diverted his eyes said everything, and Duo politely refrained from asking if Trowa was the one who wore the cuffs in their relationship.

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34. Lightning/Thunder

Once, Duo caught Quatre staring at the sky through his office window, smiling softly at the lightning – a very private smile that made Duo feel like he was intruding just by watching it; Quatre, however, didn't seem to be upset, and over the sound of thunder, still looking through the window, he simply said, "when he came back to me, he came with the rain".

Coincidentally, it's raining here; loud thunders and bright lightning, and the sound of the rain muffled by the music. The day is cold and gray, and I was just outside, getting soaked and freezing with the cold wind…

I love the rain.
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33. Fear

They had been called fearless countless of times but Duo knew that they were probably more afraid than anyone else; granted, they weren't afraid of death or pain but they were afraid of so many other things: afraid of loss, afraid of consequences and terrified of peace; Quatre, Duo thought, was the bravest of them all, because he at least wasn't afraid to show his fears.

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32. Confusion

Quatre had stood at the door, incapable of smiling, and watched the road until no one was there; the sound of Duo's voice brought him back, dissipating slowly the confusion that had settled since the moment Trowa had said goodbye, and Quatre held onto Duo: the only thing that wasn’t spinning.

[livejournal.com profile] merith is evil and made another comm, [livejournal.com profile] 5sentence_fics, which I joined but I'm not writing for, nope, not at all. But you all should join and write. It sounds like fun.

And, well, just in case I do end up writing, which I'm not saying I would, would anyone be interested in reading Quatre - Dorothy? Not in a romantic way, since I don't think I could write that, but more like rivals who can occasionally enjoy teasing each other way? *hides*
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31. Home

It was nice for Quatre to offer all the pilots a home after the war, a house where they could stay for as long as they wanted to, and leave when they found their place in the world; Duo had stayed the longest, and after Quatre helped him move in with Heero, Duo decided that he would do whatever was necessary to bring Trowa back to Quatre, and make that house a home again.

These sentences are taking shape in the form of a series in my head. I mean, they are part of just one universe, and these sentences are snapshots of Quatre's and Duo's lives. I'm really glad I decided to do this. It is fun and an interesting exercise. I just hope I'm not boring you to death with them ^^;;

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