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In Motion

Fandom: Gundam Wing
Rating: PG
Pairing: Heero Yuy/Duo Maxwell
Warnings: Fluff
Words: 308

For [livejournal.com profile] _x_rae_x_

One thing is having the world moving... spin, spin around, up and down, it’s fast and jaded and exciting and addictive. Another thing all together is loving Duo Maxwell. It has all the characteristics of flying a Gundam, all the excitement, but on the it also had a whole new variety of movement Heero knows nothing about.

Like how to move his fingers softly over his skin. Touch, caress, feel and tickle. Heero specially likes to tickle. Or how to brush Duo’s hair, soft strokes with the brush, each small section deserving attention. No hurrying, just brushing, down down...

He learns to move his lips. He enjoys this very much. Kissing Duo is an art and a pleasure and Heero tries all sort of different things. His lips move against Duo’s own, fast and slow and soft and rough and Heero enjoys them all. Oh, and there’s tongue as well and when Heero learns that his tongue can move that much more, do those things touch so much it is, in a way, like learning to fly again.

And then there are other movements, like dancing while holding Duo close to him, like stroking his shoulder when he’s tense, like moving him closer when they snuggle in bed... They really like to move in bed and that’s a whole new set of movements Heero has become addicted too. Duo is a good teacher. He shows Heero first and then lets Heero explore. Heero likes to think that he has taught Duo a thing or two as well. He’s not done learning yet and neither is Duo but that’s half the fun, half the challenge, the other half is just having Duo in his arms.

Because even when they are still, when the movement stops, Heero can feel himself falling more and more.
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