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Black, a coffee drabble

Fandom: Gundam Wing
Rating: G
Characters: The pilots
Words: 175
For [livejournal.com profile] foxtrick

“Black,” said Trowa.

“You’re so boring. Why don’t you try a mocachino with cream?” Duo licked the top of his lip but immediately took another sip, getting a new whipped cream mustache. “And marshmallows,” he added.

“Black,” Trowa insisted.

“Tea is better for you,” Wufei intervened. “Green tea does wonderful things for the body.”

“But has no caffeine,” Quatre pointed out.

“Or marshmallows,” said Duo.

“Black,” Trowa repeated, unfazed.

“How about a macchiato?” tried Quatre. “Is still strong but more versatile. If you want a bit of sweet it can be a caramel macchiato instead.”

Duo glanced at Quatre’s cup. “Why aren’t you drinking that, Quatre? It sounds good.”

Quatre gave him an offended look. “I only drink arabian.”

“Black,” Trowa said, but apparently no one heard him.

“Decaf,” Heero said. “You don’t need all the caffeine. Over long periods of time you can become depended of it.”

Trowa listened carefully and then said, “Black.”

“You’re so boring.” Duo sighed.

Trowa took a sip of his coffee and smiled while the others shook their heads. “Mmm, black.”

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