Jan. 1st, 2010

misanagi: (Fiction)
Number of Fics (over 1000 words) = 13
Number of Fliclets (over 500 words) = 8
Number of Drabbles (under 500 words) = 31

Of those, I wrote 31 in Harry Potter, 10 in Gundam Wing, 5 in Merlin, 4 in Prince of Tennis, 3 in Supernatural and 1 in South Park.

Total words = 50456

So yeah, I basically did NaNo in a year instead of a month ^^;;

It's clear I favor writing shorter things. The longest piece I think was 6000 words, which isn't really that much either. I'm sure I used to write a lot more than this but in review I wrote more than I thought I did. There are more fandoms there than any other year, I think, which is fun, writing different characters and universes.

I should be good and write something to kickstart 2010 ^_^ and now that we are in the 2010 subject (is gonna take a while to get used to not typing the two zeros)...

Happy New Year Everyone!

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